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More possibilities for civil weddings  |  December 2018

Again a year has passed by with lots of wonderful wedding moments in 2018.
Today let me talk about new possibilities for legal civil weddings.

Normally in Italy, it is only possible to get legally wed in the townhall or sometimes in places that have been committed to be an official place by the municipality.
Already all over Italy townhalls are romantic and mainly in historic buildings, alone that fact creates a special atmosphere. Very often I am also asked for outdoor cerimonies, nowadays this is possible in a few cities when the major declared those as legal binding places.

  • Piemont is known for good wines and lovely hills. In Barbaresco you can get married on top of the old tower overlooking the hilly landscape full of vineyards
  • On Lake Garda we have Limone that offers civil weddings in the old Lemon tree garden.
  • Quite a medioval ambience you can find when you marry in the castle of Arco in the northern part of Lake Garda
  • Again Lake Garda: Torri del Benaco offers legal possibilities to get wed on the tower of the castle or near the port.
  • You want to be away of tourists along the lakeshore, try San Zeno di Montagna and its old palace called Ca Montagna
  • Siena is one of the highlights in Tuscany, now you also can have the legal cerimony outside on the Loggia
  • And in the small borgo of Lucignano/Tuscany there is a museum to held civil weddings
  • Riolo Terme in the Emilia Romagna has a cute little wedding room inside their old fortress – very pittoresque
Italy offers lots of wonderful possibilities for the legal binding weddings !
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